The Mile High Club

Tue, Jul 31, 2007


One way to whittle down the long hours on a plane is by joining the Mile High Club.

What is the Mile High Club?

It’s not the same as the Frequent Flier Club. The Mile High Club is a term used to describe people who have engaged in sexual activity while up in mid-flight, either with strangers or travel companions.

Pros of joining the Mile High Club

  • Makes the flight more enjoyable and keeps you occupied when the movies get boring
  • Can meet new people
  • Can boast to whoever will listen afterwards that you’re in the Club

Cons of joining the Mile High Club

  • If you’re in the bathroom, it’s a bit cramped and you’ll keep people waiting outside
  • Some flight turbulence could ruin everything
  • Might be awkward when you return to your seat

Famous Mile High Club members

  • Actor Ralph Fiennes
  • Richard Branson
  • Janet Jackson
  • Countless others

Can I join?

Yes, there is an actual Mile High Club that you can join and share your stories. Or take a Mile High Club charter!what about viagra cialis levitra

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3 Responses to “The Mile High Club”

  1. Chris Says:

    Although the idea of the Mile High Club sounds interesting, I don’t think I will join anytime soon. Apart from the uncomfortable surrounding and cramped bathroom, I don’t see the fun in it. In these times people get grounded for less and who wants to pay the bill for a plane diverted to another airport or else. But then – maybe I’m just too conservative or simply more into relaxed, comfortable sex then just a quickie in an actually ‘forbidden’ area. But hey – we live in a free world. So everyone should do how one please.


  2. travelminx Says:

    True, you don’t want to get into trouble and it’s easier to just listen to your iPod or have a nap.

  3. Sheila Says:

    I’m not a member and don’t plan to become one. I spend as little time as I can in those bathrooms because they just seem yucky dirty to me.

    Do you think the mile high club will ever convert to metric? ;-)

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