Conquer Your Fear Of Flying

Tue, Jun 19, 2007

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Many people have a fear of flying. It is partly rational – the plane could possibly crash or be held up by terrorists – but what are the odds of that? You have a much greater chance of being hit by a car on the street. Does that cheer you up? No?

I don’t suffer from a huge fear of flying, although I fly a lot and have been through one incident where the plane had to turn back. Sometimes I have a general feeling of unease and I just try and think of something else (distraction is one of the key ways to overcome your fear). But I know people who won’t even get on a plane, especially if it’s a long-distance flight. Think of what they’re missing.

There are several ways to deal with a fear of flying.

  • Educate yourself – a lot of people just don’t understand the nature of turbulence, or are unaware of the statistics of plane accidents
  • Distract yourself – take a good book or magazine along, or chat to your neighbor
  • Talk about it - dealing with a fear by yourself can make it even worse. Sharing your fears may lessen them

There are many helpful sites on the topic. This new one, Conquer Fear of Flying, has just been set up by someone who flies long-distance despite his fears and wants to help others. Check it out.

Other fear of flying sites:

  • Fear of Flying – tips and a video course for sale
  • eHow – an article offering tips on how to overcome your fear, with user comments below
  • Flying without fear – free online videos offering tips to overcome your fear

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One Response to “Conquer Your Fear Of Flying”

  1. keith Says:

    If you suffer from a fear of flying or know anyone that does please remember that it is possible to overcome it. It’s important to know the facts about flying because there are so many myths about it…even amongst easy flyers.
    There are no such things as air pockets…wings can’t ‘fall off’ planes don’t plummet, they descend.
    So much to frighten so little to encourage. It’s probably worth a moment looking at how and if our website can help.

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