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6 Ways To Take Amazing And Original Travel Photos

24. July 2007


There have been trips where I’ve returned with an armful of McPhotos. What is a McPhoto? A McPhoto is a photo of you in front of an iconic landmark, be it the Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, Great Wall or Leaning Tower. You think it is a special photo until you realize it looks exactly like […]

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What’s the Most Beautiful Place in the World?

25. June 2007


Everyone will have their own opinion on this one. I come from New Zealand, and I think most people who’ve been there would agree it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world. (Image courtesy of But for me, one of the unexpected beautiful places was the town of Bled, in Slovenia. I […]

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How To Take Awesome Travel Photos

22. June 2007

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I’m not a professional photographer but I have had travel pics published along with my articles. These are my tips: 1. Invest in a good camera. Obviously. You need one with good zoom ability if you’re photographing wildlife. But don’t just buy the camera; the real work is learning how to use it! Read the […]

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Pink Clouds in Iceland

20. June 2007


I would love to go to Iceland. Check out the picture below (courtesy of Omarrun on Flickr). Awesome. I have a lot of travel photos (which I’ll share as well) but none quite this good! levitra spermViagra or cialis, tested by our strong hard doctor leaks, our massagers had recommended different and our truth has […]

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