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San Francisco: First Impressions

7. July 2007


If you’re going to San Francisco Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair… … and a windbreaker, because it’s frickin’ cold. That wind blasts in right off the coast. Still, it’s mostly sunny and summerish right now. The streets are steep, with rolling cable cars bulging with tourists and the bell being pulled […]

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Carnival of Travel Articles #1

5. July 2007


Welcome to the first-ever Carnival of Travel Articles on Travel Minx, showcasing recent articles and photos submitted by fellow travel bloggers. Click here to learn more and submit your own work. I’ve received so many entries already that I thought I’d post this edition a little early. Hope no one minds. This is also the […]

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How To Get Your Travel Article Published

4. July 2007


We have covered how to write a killer travel article. So, you’ve written your article and you reckon it’s good enough for the world to see. You want to submit it to a publication. But how? Ask Your Contacts If you know someone in the industry, don’t be afraid to ask for help. They may […]

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How To Write A Killer Travel Article

3. July 2007


I am not Bill Bryson or Earnest Hemingway, but I’ve written a fair chunk of travel articles that have been published and I’ve been paid, thus inspiring and funding more madcap world adventures. My First Travel Article My first travel article was written and published in 2000. It was about my experiences living in Berlin […]

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Where Are The Best Travel Articles?

3. July 2007


Where do you like the read travel articles – newspapers, magazines, online or all of the above? I mostly prefer magazines, simply because you can curl up on the couch and let yourself mentally drift to an exotic location. Sitting at the computer isn’t quite the same. Still, as Brand New Traveler points out in […]

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Living In A Foreign Country: How To Find And Apply For Visas

24. June 2007

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If you’re under 30 and a citizen of a western country then you have a reasonable chance of being eligible for working holiday visas in other countries. (If you have multiple citizenship then, well, I’m jealous!) I can only speak from the position of a Kiwi, but many Kiwis head to the UK on the […]

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Carnival of Travel Articles – Share Your Stories!

20. June 2007


Got a travel article, some cool photos or travel tips you’d like to share? Good, because I’ve just set up the Carnival of Travel Articles so you can submit something. I made the carnival monthly to start, but when it grows I’ll make it more frequent. I was searching the Carnival website (a great way […]

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Just Take One Step

18. June 2007


This article The Journey Begins With a Single Step (found via Steve Olson) is an inspiring, well-written account of how one person realized he was living a cubicle nightmare and spending his money to fund a lifestyle he didn’t really want. Long story short, he got his act together and jumped on a plane to […]

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