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The Best Travel Blogs

29. July 2007


One of the best parts of running a travel blog is connecting with other travel bloggers. How do I find new travel blogs? I find them when they submit their writing to my Carnival of Travel Articles, when they link to me or leave a comment, when blogs I already read link to other bloggers, […]

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What Kind Of Traveler Are You?

30. June 2007


There are loads of travel quizzes online if you wish to determine your inner Travel Type. Are you an adventure traveler, a luxury traveler, a purely business traveler…? It’s not just about where you go, it’s about what you do there, how you booked your trip, who you travel with… I seem to be a […]

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10 Most Essential Travel Sites

26. June 2007

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When you’re planning a trip, which sites do you hit immediately? Mine are below. – reviews, pics, tips, everything you need when planning a trip – needs some work but its Thorn Tree forum is still great for travelers’ Q&As. – still one of the best sites for booking and package deals […]

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Share Your Journey

18. June 2007


TravelBlogger is a directory of travel bloggers (who’d have guessed?). If you’re on the road, it gives you somewhere to upload your journal and cool travel pics. If you’re an armchair traveler, it makes for fun and inspiring reading. I could spend hours browsing the galleries of exotic destinations. Most of the blogs come with […]

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